Frequently Asked Questions


Your Questions About ARPwave Neuro Therapy Answered

We've put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information on ARPwave Neuro Therapy.
1What is ARPwave Neuro Therapy’s success rate?
ARPwave Neuro Therapy has treated over 350,000 patients with a 96% success rate.
2How is ARPwave Neuro Therapy’s different from regular electric muscle stimulation?
Other stimulation treatments treat the just the physiological symptoms of pain, while ARPwave Neuro finds and treats were the pain actually comes from.
3How long has ARPwave Neuro Therapy been used?
ARPwave Neuro Therapy has been used by the world’s most elite professional athletes for over 18 years, but has just recently become available to patients nationwide.
4How is ARPwave Neuro Therapy applied?
A licensed ARPwave Neuro Therapy practitioner will use our patented protocols to walk you though a series of exercises to correct body compensation and create new neuro patterns.
5Is ARPwave Neuro Therapy painful and safe?
ARPwave Neuro Therapy uses a Class II FDA approved medical device that is completely safe with no side effects. Most patients describe ARPwave therapy as intense, and experience much more pain relief than discomfort.
6How many ARPwave Neuro Therapy treatments will I need?
It can take up to 20 treatments to fully create new patterns without pain or muscle restriction.
7How long does each ARPwave Neuro Therapy treatment take?
The first takes about an hour, the second through forth visits take 3-40 minutes and all subsequent visits are normally 15-20 minutes.
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